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Having Company Is Fun. Don’t be afraid to bring your husband or older children to your session. Calm Down and Enjoy: This is the most important advice I can give to my clients. Sure, you will be excited and would do anything in your power to look great in your images, But if you are not relaxed or uneasy, then this will show into your final photographs. So, take a mental note to yourself and plan to relax before the session. Try not to schedule anything to close off too hectic before the session. Go to your favorite spa, pamper yourself with manicure and pedicure, have your hair and makeup done in a salon instead of you trying to do everything before the session. Taking a short nap is another way to feel relaxed and well rested. Enjoy the moment and sink into the excitement will make you look and feel great. This is all what the maternity session is all about. You are beautiful, and your glow is amazing. It is great to be mother and you should enjoy every minute of it.


What should my family and I wear?

The most important thing is for you to feel comfortable. And of course, whatever you wear should show off your beautiful bump.  Neutral colors and clothing without big logos or prominent patterns work best.

The Maxi Dress

There are a couple of great reasons why a maxi dress is the perfect thing to wear for maternity shoots. For one, it’s incredibly comfortable. Comfort is key when you are pregnant. It also looks amazing on any pregnant body because it’s incredibly flattering. It covers up anything you don’t want shown but can also be pulled against the belly to show off your adorable baby bump. A maxi dress is also a very dramatic piece of clothing to wear for a photo shoot. The flowing fabric looks amazing in the wind and creates a lot of movement in a still photo. You certainly can’t go wrong wearing a maxi dress for your shoot

 Solid Colors

Since the focus in your maternity shoot is your bump, then don’t let anything take attention away from that, like a pattern or print.

Wear solid colors for your bump to stand out the most. If you want to incorporate pattern into your shoot, have your husband wear a patterned shirt instead. If you feel solid colors are too boring, then bring in some fun, bright and bold accessories like necklaces and scarves.

Tight Clothing

If you are comfortable with wearing tight clothing and don’t mind showing off all your gorgeous pregnant body curves, opt for a beautiful tight body con dress.

They look absolutely stunning on pregnant women because they truly show off the amazing body of the pregnant body.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing and what a woman’s body does when pregnant is incredible. Showing that off is the perfect way to pay tribute to your pregnant self. Be proud of those beautiful curves.


Go Timeless

Since you’ll have these maternity photos forever you don’t want to look back on them in 20 years and regret anything you wore.

You never want to think to yourself, “What on earth was I thinking?”

 To avoid that, go with a more timeless, simple look.

 A great option for this would be some jeans, a simple top and a pair of cute boots.

There’s nothing wrong with going a little simpler. You can always add a few cute accessories in your jewellery to spice things up a bit.

Textured Clothing

Your photos will look amazing if you wear clothing that has texture to it by adding more dimension to your photos.

 You can pair a chunky knit sweater with some jeans, wear a lace dress, or an embroidered top. Either way the texture in the clothes will create more interest, therefore, making your photos look more beautiful. It’s a great alternative to a print or pattern.

Have 2 Outfits

A great idea is to have two outfits to wear for your maternity shoot, such as a casual outfit and a dressy outfit. This will not only give you options when choosing which photos, you want to hang in your home, but it will also give you some variety in the photos as well.

Just let me know that you want to have an outfit change during your maternity session.



What should I bring along?

Manicured Hands

Your hands will play a large part in your maternity shoot, whether they’re resting on your belly or holding up props, so it is important that they are in tip-top shape.

Bring some props along

Photos, the ultrasound photo is a popular idea, or generational family photos to use in the photo session.

Anything for the baby’s room, a blanket, stuffed animals, something passed down by

another family member when you were pregnant, favorite shower gifts.

Save ribbons from your baby shower to braid together for a bow to wrap around your belly.

You can also write on the belly with a child safe marker, (‘let me out of here’, baby’s name, due date, etc), an empty photo frame to put in front of the belly.

Baby clothes, pick your favorites, or baby shoes.  Something that shows off your personality or families personality.  Think converse tennis shoes or hiking boots.

Use toys, like blocks to spell out baby’s name, or gender, or that it’s a surprise!  Bring baby blankets or create a scene outside for the session with lots of things, in the grass, on a baby blanket, with toys all around the parents.


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