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Each session is UNIQUE! Have an idea of what you would like to capture but understand that depending on the mood of your child at that given moment, you may or may not be able to capture those dream images. Just stay positive, make it fun and try to go with the flow and I will get something beautiful! Let your kids play. Let them be goofy and silly. Some of those candid shots of them where they don’t even know I am taking their picture can be some of the best!  Trust ME! And don’t worry about the little things. I can get rid of boogers, boo boos and blemishes, etc.! Your pictures will be beautiful!  Just have FUN and enjoy this time with your family


what should I bring along?

Pack snacks and bring drinks along. Kids get hungry and thirsty, and that can make them cranky. If you have small children, consider bringing something to distract them. Things like bubbles, a favorite stuffed animal, or a squeaky fun toy to get their attention are great.  Just make sure it is something you don’t mind having in a few pictures. Also, don’t forget to bring extra diapers or a pacifier.  Sometimes babies just need a break and a diaper change to get back to their happy self!

Remember the cake, some extra decor and a special outfit.

 How can I make sure my baby/children is comfortable and cooperative during the shoot?

Get your kid excited for the session and let them know how much fun it will be, but no need to over prepare them or add too much pressure for “best behavior”.

Children pick up on your stress, so stay cool, even when they throw a tantrum.

 Our goal is to capture their true expressions and keeping it light and fun is essential. Feel free to bring treats to reward good behavior during our session!

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